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XenoGesis’ principal goal is to influence better drug discovery which ultimately increases the chances of improved medicines being developed with the potential to benefit patients worldwide.

A laboratory-based contract research organisation (CRO), XenoGesis specialises in the niche area of pre-clinical drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK), quantitative bioanalysis, in vitro pharmacology and modelling & simulation for human PK and dose prediction. DMPK links drug exposure to desired effect and toxicity and is therefore essential in the discovery and development of successful drugs.

Established in 2011, the team has expanded from three individuals to over 30 members of staff and continues to grow. The creation of these employment opportunities, coupled with the supportive environment that XenoGesis maintains, has been central in retaining specialist skills within the East Midlands. XenoGesis’ work also attracts new talent to the region, including some of the most skilled DMPK scientists in the UK.

The XenoGesis approach
With its extensive understanding of chemistry and biology, XenoGesis brings an integrated and holistic approach to drug discovery projects. It is not just a DMPK CRO that churns out numbers; the team provides in-depth context, iterative analysis and application behind the numbers. This key differentiator has led to the business’ success, with an impressive 100% client satisfaction record.

XenoGesis’ strategic impact on client project successes has so far resulted in eight compounds reaching clinic. The company’s ability to identify problems at an early stage and advise clients on the right pathway improves efficiencies and success rates, saving both time and money for clients.

Reaching global heights
XenoGesis is the largest independent DMPK provider in the UK, and also specialises in quantitative bioanalysis, in vitro pharmacology and modelling and simulation for human PK and dose prediction of new medicines. With the UK’s long-established reputation for its expertise in drug discovery and development, XenoGesis is firmly recognised throughout the world as a company that provides scientific excellence, advice and delivery in the DMPK field.

Over the past nine years, XenoGesis has built up a client base of over 170 international clients spanning Europe, Asia, the USA, South Africa and Australia. It has also experienced consistent growth since day one, with export revenue increasing year-on year.
The upsurge in international clients is the direct result of the business’ growth strategy to develop overseas markets, as well as companies seeking the best DMPK support and advice.

Revenue and export growth have far exceeded the business’ already ambitious targets.
In the financial year ending March 2019, 50% of all XenoGesis’ revenue came from overseas clients, with its largest markets being in Europe. This growth trend is expected to continue, with more and more clients coming to XenoGesis from overseas for the company’s high-quality, consultative and flexible approach.

By understanding global trends and continuing to offer a service to meet demands, XenoGesis anticipates up to 75% of its total revenue will come from overseas over the next two-to-three years.