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Because cable is fundamental to almost every innovation, Tratos Ltd – the cable industry’s leading innovator – has become an enabler of emerging technology across many of the industries that move the world forward.

Tratos works across infrastructure industries worldwide, from rail and smart highways to power, marine, construction, defence, communications and oil & gas. It is heavily invested in the UK; not only through millions spent on state-of-the-art production facilities, new manufacturing equipment and creating 40 new jobs, but as a stakeholder in the UK economy.

The company supports investment in faster, smarter routes for super-fast broadband speeds across Britain. Its White Paper examines the issues – and potential solutions – to UK connectivity challenges. It also champions ‘change-for-good’ for the development of more efficient green energy transmission cable for safer homes and public buildings.

As well as manufacturing and testing facilities in both the UK and Italy, Tratos has offices all around the world. This global reach ensures the company can work closely with all its customers to create bespoke solutions and deliver high-quality cabling to meet their needs. Tratos’ R&D department develops cable from concept to production in order to open up new possibilities for performance. A good example of this approach can be found in the way Tratos conceived and produced the world’s smallest microcable, an innovation which helped facilitate faster and more easily-accessible broadband connectivity.

Recent developments include its latest sheathing compounds, which deliver reliability, performance and health & safety advances in the harshest environments, and its new breed hybrid conductors that protect the integrity of more hard-won energy as it travels across overhead power cables. All products within the JBA family of cables are mud and fire resistant to extreme temperatures, and capable of withstanding water and impact.

Tratos is also part of an international team working on the ITER project, an exploration of controlled thermonuclear fusion as an inexhaustible supply of clean, green energy. The company supplied key components of the superconductivity experiment, in particular cable-in-conduit (CIC) superconducting wire, for the construction of magnets used within the ITER reactor. Elsewhere, the international ports industry is celebrating the 11th year of continuous running of Tratos’ high-speed reeling cable.

The Queen’s Award for Innovation was awarded to Tratos for its JBA cable. The JBA (Jasmine* Bragagni Albano) was named after the President of Tratos, Ing. Com. Albano Bragagni, OMRI, inventor of the LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) extra compound. Tratos’ Oil & Gas JBA® is a special cable range designed and manufactured for the oil and gas market to meet necessary test requirements.

The company’s Academy works to develop its people and encourage innovation. Tratos’ CEO and Chair Dr Maurizio Bragagni states: “A true culture of innovation requires the time and space to experiment, and the understanding that it’s ok to make mistakes. Finding out how not to do something is another step closer to achieving the right way to doing something. Removing the fear of blame is the first step towards discovering something new, useful and ground-breaking. In our world ‘impossible’ simply means not possible… yet.”

Tratos is a family-owned business professionally managed by a board drawn from senior experts with a wealth of industry experience. The Tratos board members, pictured left to right; Dr Ennio Bragagni Capaccini, Ing Albano Bragagni, Dr Elisabetta Bragagni Capaccini, Mr Germano Bragagni, Mr Neil Ancell, Mr John Light and Dr Maurizio Bragagni. Additional members of The Tratos board include; Enrico Scambia, Kevin and James Card.


*Developed for the Jasmine North Sea offshore platform.