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4 Benham Road,
Southampton Science Park,
SO16 7QJ

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Tel: +44 (0) 23 8098 2122

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  • 2020 International Trade

Acting as pathfinders in a world of data, Tonic Analytics is tackling society’s biggest challenges with data-driven intelligence and actionable insights across the public and private sectors, both within the UK and internationally.

From tackling crime and saving lives on highways to reducing airline delays and optimising offshore energy production, the company’s innovative approach delivers outputs that deliver critical, positive outcomes for society and engenders tangible operational improvements for the organisations serving it.

With a digital twin at its core, Tonic Analytics’ powerful red.thread® technology enables the company’s data scientists to collate and blend data from a wide variety of sources: assets, infrastructure, processes, people and the environment, and then apply live predictive analytics and cloud applications to pinpoint the right course of action. Across land, sea and air, this technology is shaping the way organisations work around the globe.

However, for Tonic Analytics, it is all about utilising ‘the right blend’ of technology, as opposed to using ‘the next big thing’. Each project requires a deep dive into understanding the specific needs of the client organisation before applying technology in the most appropriate way. Potential applications are unlimited.

As a data focused business, the integrity of that data and its lawful and ethical processing is absolutely paramount in building and maintaining client and public trust. This is something Tonic Analytics has always put at the centre of technical and service development.
It is one of only 10 companies selected to participate in the Information Commissioner’s Office ‘sandbox’ (a safe space where organisations can innovate using personal data) for an important highway safety programme in the UK. The company is also accredited to ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. These accreditations demonstrate that
the company is operating at the boundaries of innovation while maintaining a high ethical bar.

Underpinning the technology and approach is a highly committed, agile team which operates as an Employee Ownership Trust. This non-hierarchical company structure encourages and rewards deep employee participation and engagement in every project, thereby ensuring every single member of staff is driven to deliver excellence at all times.