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  • 2014 International Trade

Success in the marine and transport business is nothing new to the North-East of England; but Thomas Miller Claims Management (TMCM) stands out as the only company in its field to win two Queen’s Awards.

TMCM received the Award in 2014, having recorded remarkable growth from a standing start. In 2017 the firm repeated the trick, having increased its already impressive overseas sales by 60% and posted buoyant results despite investing to diversify and expand its international footprint.

Created in 2007 to take Thomas Miller’s 140 years of insurance and risk management expertise to a new audience, from an original team of three TMCM now employs over 50 people in Newcastle, Plymouth, London, Hamburg and Sydney.

TMCM provides expert marine and transport claims risk management to some of the biggest shipping, ports and logistics operators in the world, as well as the insurers who cover their risks, from the Lloyds market in London to Europe, the Far East and the USA.

The firm will work day and night on a single major incident, at the same time as handling large volumes of everyday matters for clients who want to control costs but still want to work with experts who understand the value of quality and reputation.

“Exporting services to global markets has always been at the heart of what Thomas Miller does,” says CEO, Peter Jackson. “That can be unpredictable sometimes- since we won our last Queen’s Award we’ve had Brexit and the pandemic, and both will be with us for a while yet- but if you understand your clients and you do good work, you can find a way and find new opportunities.”

TMCM’s rapid growth allowed it to expand into legal services, and the creation of a boutique marine and transport law firm, TM Law. “Being in Newcastle and Plymouth means we have access to great talent pools, but without the overheads of London”, says the Head of Legal Practice, Pat Bond, “so we can provide top quality with extremely efficient pricing. With most industries facing huge cost pressures, those are key messages.”

TMCM also provides medical support to shipowners, particularly cruise operators who carry millions of passengers a year and employ tens of thousands of crew from all over the world. “The cruise business has been hit very hard by the pandemic,” comments Director Stephen Hunt, who leads the firm’s BlueMed marine medical services, “but we are coming through it together and helping them to re-start operations safely and successfully.”

The company’s success from its Northumberland base is an echo of its origins in the North-East. “Thomas Miller himself was a Newcastle shipowner before he headed South in 1885 to grow his fortune in London,” explains Claims Director, Stephen Mooney. “TMCM is part of the group’s recent history, but we’re growing and creating jobs in the North-East, where it all started.”

Peter Jackson has already been congratulated by Her Majesty twice, but is not resting there. “The world is a different place now. The challenges have changed shape, but so have the opportunities. We are keeping the same approach we’ve always had, and we expect to repeat the same results- I don’t think too many would bet against us