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  • 2020 International Trade

Farzana Rahman started her business 12 years ago, in 2008, when she was searching for toys that would help her children consolidate their Islamic learning. Unable to find anything suitable, Farzana decided to design Aamina and Yousuf, two talking dolls which taught kids basic Islamic etiquette.

When the concept of Aamina and Yousuf was conceived, Farzana was still working full-time at an investment bank. Moreover, she had no design background or any idea of how to run her own business. She did, however, yearn for a better worklife balance. And so, armed with nothing but passion and sheer determination, Farzana left her career in investment banking to start The Desi Doll Company.

While she hadn’t conducted any formal market research, Farzana’s instincts told her that if she, as a mother, was seeking out Islamic toys then there must be other parents doing the same. Thankfully, she was right, and the business swiftly took off,  growing organically as she raised her young family.

The company’s flagship dolls, Aamina and Yousuf, quickly became worldwide best-sellers (and still are to this day). Seeing the demand for such Islamic toys galvanized Farzana to push ahead with more designs and innovations. 12 years later, The Desi Doll Company offers a range of over 30 toys available in more than 30 countries.

Farzana’s great commercial endeavour has been totally inspired by her children, combining all three of her greatest passions: faith, family and fun. In addition, the business performs a very important role, ensuring Muslim children can learn about their faith with fun, interactive toys which nurture love and confidence.

The company is a small, self financed business and over the years Farzana has managed to build a strong team around her to help manage the design, manufacturing, logistics and marketing of her toys. Attending international trade shows has given the brand much needed exposure and generated business from right across the globe.

The Desi Doll Company is delighted to have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. The team see it not only as a huge honour, but also an incredible achievement that reflects their hard work in creating export markets around the world.