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Adventure Island,
Western Esplanade,
Southend on Sea,

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  • 2020 Promoting Opportunity

With a portfolio including Adventure Island fun park, Sealife Adventure and numerous restaurants, The Stockvale Group offers activities and days out for the local community and regional visitors along Southend Seafront and within the town centre. Each year the company provides approximately 1,000 jobs, making it a vital part of the local economy and the success of the town.
As a family-run business, The Stockvale Group considers its employees to be part of its wider family. The company is invested in creating accessible routes to employment and ensuring clear, achievable development programmes are in place to provide opportunities for every single staff member to build and achieve a career, regardless of their educational or social background.
Southend born-and-bred Executive Chairman, Philip Miller MBE, did not come from a highly academic background, and as such he’s always emphasised the importance of working hard and learning from those around you to progress. Philip says: “Our leadership and managerial teams are made up entirely of people who all began as trainees at ground-level. We have workers that started as park sweepers who are now Team Leaders, and Ride Operators who are now Directors.”
Thanks to its transformation programme (developed in-house), The Stockvale Group can offer jobs to low-skilled or poorly educated candidates, confident that it can teach them the skills they’ll need to become star employees, and develop their mind-set to become leaders of the future. Innovative and engaging, the Stars League coaching system enables Leaders to develop staff members on a dayto- day basis and identify new leaders who will then be invited to join 12-week ‘Adventure Leadership’ sessions. The system also incentivises staff with a bonus pot of over £100k each year. This, along with the clear criteria for promotion to each level, means every single employee – regardless of their background or job role – has a clear and supported opportunity to develop their career and become a Leader, Manager or Director.
The Stockvale Group’s workforce is made up largely of young people aged between 16 and 21, a demographic which the company soon recognised as requiring distinct support with mental health issues. To facilitate this, the company works with local chaplains who provide round-the-clock, oncall support for employees. This can often lead to a recommendation for counselling which the business will then provide indefinitely for any given individual. The company is certain that, as a result of this approach, it is not just increasing staff morale but genuinely changing lives.
The Stockvale Group’s social mobility programme also goes beyond its team members. Indeed, the business is dedicated to helping the wider community wherever it can and this includes the creation of a fundraising partnership with schools and charities, and the founding the annual ‘Citizens of Southend’ awards whereby members of the local community are recognised for their charity work. In addition, the company also visits schools and invites them to its premises, giving talks and educating youngsters on the potential career options available to those who do not have or do not like the option of further education.
James Miller, Operations Director, says: “I was not really aware that providing opportunities to succeed was anything particularly to be celebrated. It was only when we were putting the application for the Queen’s Awards together that it became apparent we do change lives for the better, and that’s actually something quite special. Offering opportunities for all, such as we do, does not necessarily translate into success, and so the credit for this huge win has to go to every single one of our incredibly hard-working and dedicated team. To be recognised by such a prestigious award is a tremendous achievement in the history of our company.”