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Winners Of

  • 2022 International Trade
  • 2019 Innovation
  • 2014 Innovation
  • 2012 International Trade

Stanhope Seta Ltd is both proud and honoured to receive a Queen’s Award in the category of International Trade. Established for nearly 85 years, the family owned business continues to offer a unique and innovative range of advanced instruments providing solutions for quality control and testing applications across a diverse range of products from fuel to lipstick.

The International Trade Award is the fourth such honour to be bestowed upon Stanhope-Seta, having previously won the International Trade award in 2012 and the award for Innovation in 2014 and 2019.

The family owned, British company is led by two enthusiastic, energetic brothers, Martin and Giles Verity, who, together with a dedicated team design and manufacture pioneering instruments from its base in Chertsey, Surrey. Over the past 85 years it has become established as a leader in the field of quality control testing and has built strong relationships with customers across the world. The instruments are designed to meet international specifications and can be found in many testing laboratories worldwide.

Research and development
Research and development activity is carried out in house and utilises the latest technologies to provide instruments that are easy to use, highly automated and give rapid, accurate results. An important part of the development process is participation in international specification meetings. Seta has an active presence in these groups, which include the Energy Institute in the UK, ISO in Europe and ASTM in the USA, bringing British excellence into the forefront of leading international regulatory

Stanhope Seta’s instruments are made exclusively in the UK, with the majority of production located at the company’s manufacturing facility in Chertsey, where an extensive lean manufacturing and six sigma program has been successfully implemented. These initiatives have ensured that the company has been able to meet the new demands in the most efficient way, keeping lead times short and quality levels high.

Environmental aspects of both manufacturing and testing are key and the company has recently achieved ISO14001 accreditation. This ensures that the new products undergo rigorous assessments of their impact on the environment and use sustainable, recyclable materials in their manufacture. Packaging of some products also utilizes a unique material made of mushroom roots, which is compostable after use. The instruments are specifically designed to use small sample sizes, which minimises waste and the energy required to conduct each test.

Renewable and sustainable energy
The company is closely involved in renewable and sustainable energy resources, with new instruments being developed to assist the energy industry in the transition from traditional fossil fuels to sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives.

The growth in export, recognized by the Queen’s Award is a direct result of the development of latest generation testing techniques, and the latest enhanced particle counter range is a good example of where new technologies are generating substantial new market opportunities for the company.

Stanhope-Seta has an active program involving young people. Each year we welcome a minimum of 4 internship students into the company to complete their year in industry. We also offer an active apprenticeship scheme for those who wish to study via an NVQ route. There are close links to local schools for work placements. The company is proud to work with the GASP charity to help support less advantaged and less able young people to gain experience in a working environment.

In a joint statement, company Directors Giles and Martin Verity said: “The Queen’s Award is the most prestigious business award made to UK companies and winning a fourth award is a proud and defining moment in the company’s history. It is a real achievement to receive this award in recognition of our loyal, hardworking team. We will continue to fly the flag for Britain with its development and manufacturing excellence.”