SPTS Technologies Group Ltd


Ringland Way,
NP18 2TA

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Tel: +44 1633 414000

Winners Of

  • 2020 Innovation
  • 2018 Innovation

SPTS Technologies, a KLA company, is a leading supplier of wafer processing equipment used by the world’s leading semiconductor device manufacturers.
This Queen’s Award for Innovation recognises the success of SPTS’s 300mm Mosaic™ fxP plasma dicing solution for high throughput and damage-free singulation of semiconductor devices. Mosaic™ fxP systems can be found in volume production for a range of applications including RFID, smart cards, power devices, and integrated photonics. SPTS provides equipment to world-leading manufacturers of the sensors, power chips, and RF devices contained within the products we use every day. SPTS has an ongoing program of research and development and successfully commercialises its innovations. This approach has been integral to building and sustaining a profitable business.
SPTS headquarters and main R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in Newport, Wales. The company employs around 350 people in Newport, with another 200 employees based in 11 locations overseas.