Sphere Fluidics Limited


Dr. Frank F. Craig, CEO,
Sphere Fluidics Limited, Suite 7,
Ground Floor,
The McClintock Building,
Granta Park,
Great Abington,
CB21 6GP

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Tel: +44 07805 659566
Twitter: @SphereFluidics
LinkedIn: @Sphere Fluidics Limited

Winners Of

  • 2020 Innovation

Novel single cell analysis systems for accelerated biotherapeutic discovery and development.
Sphere Fluidics is an established Life Sciences company spun out from the University of Cambridge in 2010. Based on Babraham Research Campus and Granta Park in Cambridgeshire, UK, the company employs 31 people and has internationalized its business via a global network of 11 distributors to cover all its major markets.

Utilising its miniaturised picodroplet technology, Sphere Fluidics develops and commercialises novel, single cell analysis systems for the rapid screening and characterization of single cells to enable leading edge research and accelerate biopharmaceutical discovery and development. The single cell analysis market is worth £1.5bn and is growing at 17% annually.
The company’s flagship product is the Cyto-Mine® System, which integrates isolation, selective screening, sorting, and imaging into a single automated platform to streamline workflows, reduce costs, improve throughput and enable highvalue cells to be captured in a single day. Cyto-Mine® systems have been sold in Europe, Asia and the USA to academic, biotech and Blue Chip pharma customers.

Sphere Fluidics has raised circa £18 million in investment and boasts a sales pipeline of £50m. In addition to winning more than 50 awards for business and technical innovation, the company has developed an intellectual property portfolio of 149 patents, 19 trademarks and nine Trade Secrets to protect its products. To date, Sphere Fluidics has launched 32 products and counts more than 320 customers worldwide.

CEO Dr Frank F. Craig said: “Sphere Fluidics’ technology is specifically designed to increase the chances of finding that rare molecule or cell that could lead to a life-changing medicine. Our systems help make the development of new biopharmaceuticals faster and more cost-effective; improve monoclonal antibody screening, cell line development, and overall efficiency to help accelerate research into new therapeutic modalities.”