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There is something special about music that crosses barriers of age, race, gender, religion and background to bring people together. Add in the therapeutic environment of nature and the great outdoors and there are few things more enjoyable than the kind of musical play the team at Percussion Play specialise in.

It is this sentiment – combined with over 20 years of experience in the play industry – that sits at the heart of the company’s outdoor musical instrument manufacturing business.

With a passion to see musical instruments installed in outdoor locations accessible to everyone – young and old, able-bodied and disabled – the team’s goal at Percussion Play has always been to be the best in the world at what they do.

Recognising their products to be particularly niche and with a multicultural attraction, it was resolved to offer them for sale globally, which has generated considerable success, while maintaining the company’s UK manufacturing facility. To date, Percussion Play outdoor musical instruments can be found in over 50 countries in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America.

Enjoying music outdoors
Designed to stand the test of time, the instruments themselves are constructed from durable, easily cared-for materials, and can withstand high moisture, salt water, high UV, extreme cold and dramatic temperature changes.

The range of instruments exceeds 40 and covers many different types of percussion, from drums to xylophones, floor pianos to musical chimes and bells. All are low maintenance and easy to install, making them ideal for grassroots groups and community projects.

Identifying target audiences has been very important in the growth of the business. Initially starting with nurseries, schools and public parks, the company has since determined opportunities for music to be enjoyed outdoors in libraries, museums, senior living communities, Rotary projects, and even on a cruise ship.

Fully inclusive fun
With a strong belief that outdoor musical instruments tick all the boxes – offering cognitive, emotional and physical play opportunities for everyone, everywhere – the team has researched the effects of music on various groups with additional needs, specifically autism, dementia, special educational needs, PTSD and other mental health and cognitive development issues. They’ve published multiple white papers on the company’s website as a free resource for anyone to read.

Percussion Play instruments are easy to play for all ages and abilities. They are either pentatonic (for easy improvisation with no clashing notes), or diatonic (so that the user can play familiar or favourite tunes as well as improvising or composing their own). Fully inclusive, accessible and multi-generational, the instruments make music possible for would-be musicians of any age or ability. They make original, unusual additions to any number of public outdoor spaces, from small towns and rural settings to megacities.

Not many people have access to musical instruments on a regular basis, so it’s an exciting possibility to be able to bring music-making on real instruments to people in the public spaces where they live, work and commute. Everyday locations can become inclusive, inspiring and musically creative environments accessible to all members of the community.