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  • 2020 Innovation

Overview is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of precision sensor positioning systems. The company is delighted to have been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in recognition of its state-of-the-art Servotorq™ Integrated Servo Motors.

Frustrated by the inherent weaknesses of traditional motor drive systems – which lacked accuracy, control and reliability – Overview saw an opportunity to lead the way in the development of an alternative, integrated motor technology. With 34 years of mechatronic design and manufacturing expertise to hand, Overview had the skills to develop and sustain such a technology. And so began development of Servotorq, a new generation of integrated direct-drive servo motors that would offer class-leading positioning performance with fewer components and at a lower cost.

Servotorq combines custom-designed Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors, advanced control electronics, high-performance servos and precision position encoders into a family of fully integrated, direct-drive positioning systems. Offering exceptional positional accuracy and repeatability, Servotorq delivers ultra-smooth, fast and silent motion control in powerful, compact packages.

Designed with simplicity for the integrator from the outset, Servotorq’s impressive characteristics, small footprint and simple connectivity enables Overview and its customers to design simpler, more reliable and attractive end products, which they can bring to market both faster than ever before and at reduced risk and cost. Servotorq’s breakthrough technology drives a wide range of sensor positioning applications, including high-performance surveillance platforms, precision cameras, lasers and military sensor systems, and has been deployed in numerous markets worldwide, including CCTV, broadcast, video conferencing and defence. There are currently four models in the Servotorq family: Juno™, Titan™, Leto™ and Atlas™. Two further, enhanced models are due for release in 2020.

Overview’s CEO, Graham Jones, commented: “Overview invests in innovation to continually improve and enhance its technology and so we are thrilled to be recognised for innovation at this level. The Queen’s Award is testimony to the dedication and talent of our team, as well as their pursuit of the best in continuous product innovation.”