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NGS is the world’s leading International Emergency Assistance company, specialising in Medical & Security response, Tracking & Travel Management and remote logistics.
Set up 10 years ago to fill the geographical gaps left by the traditional ‘Assistance’ industry, NGS has focused on reflecting modern travel patterns by covering the more challenging, as well as the more developed, parts of the world. The company has experienced a near 400% growth over the past five years, taking only seven years from launch to win the coveted ‘Assistance Company of the Year’ at the 2017 ITIJ Awards.
The traditional assistance industry combines medical and aviation elements to offer assistance in the developed world. In contrast, NGS combines those two key aspects with security, land transport, maritime, hibernation, tracking, travel management, intelligence, legal, diplomatic, cyber, satellite imagery, cash movement, local contacts and more to provide support to every part of the world. Furthermore, it does this exponentially faster and cheaper than the industry standard of 3-7 days – typically within an hour.
The company first came to prominence during the Arab Spring and has since been heavily involved in every major international emergency crisis of the past 10 years. A core of the business is its superimposing of the ‘military’ emergency response model over the traditional civilian one. NGS is proud of its record of employing ex-service personnel in order to achieve this, especially with its commitment to recruit wounded colleagues.
Originally concentrating on international medical response, NGS developed its non-medical and security response capabilities, initially to allow the projection of medical care into more challenging environments, and then as a standalone offering.
The next major development was to incorporate tracking & travel management elements, into which the company invested heavily in R&D. NGS continues to stay at the forefront of the ‘assistance’ industry with further development into female-specific response and Aurora, its new online, state-of-the-art, global security platform & app.

NGS supports millions of people around the world.
Clients include governments and NGOs, as well as all areas of commercial operation (extractives, banking, media, commerce, logistics, insurance and more), forming a core pillar to its clients’ capabilities to safely operate abroad, and as a part of ongoing robust business continuity planning.