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South Yorkshire

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Winners Of

  • 2021 International Trade

Naylor Clayware, a division of Barnsley-based Naylor Industries plc, has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for its clay pipe exports.

Naylor, a fourth-generation family business, has manufactured clay sewer pipes since its foundation in 1890. Export growth has been driven by the development of high-performance systems for demanding applications.

Naylor’s Denlok trenchless pipe has been particularly beneficial internationally in allowing the installation or upgrading of sewers in metropolitan areas where it is impractical to dig up the roads without disrupting daily life. Naylor’s Thermachem pipe has been developed specifically for handling hot or corrosive effluents.

To date the Naylor clay pipe offering has been supplied onto every continent and into 65 countries worldwide. CEO Edward Naylor says: “We’re delighted to receive this award, which recognises the hard work of our entire team – from our long-servers to our enthusiastic apprentices, and the international network of agents and distributors who work tirelessly in flying the Naylor flag.”