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Winners Of

  • 2019 International Trade

Language Insight is one of the UK’s most highly regarded language service providers, offering transcription, translation and interpreting services across multiple sectors. Fittingly, the London and North West based company’s reach is truly global, with international trade now making up close to 50% of its turnover. High growth services for Language Insight include market research translation, an arena in which its teams consistently excel. Indeed, the teams’ specialist ability to guide clients through projects and provide trusted advice has led to them being classed ‘industry experts’ within the field of market survey translation.
Another specialist area of growth is Language Insight’s Digital Services, in particular website localisation and transcreation. With the digital market growing at such a fast rate, this is understandably an aspect of the business the company hopes to invest more in throughout 2020.
As well as delivering fair pricing and responsive communication, Language Insight – a champion of integrity and good business ethics – takes great pride in its ability to provide quality assurance to clients. In fact, the company is one of only a few language service providers to hold three ISO accreditations: Quality Assurance (ISO 9001), Information Security (ISO 27001), and Translation Services Management (ISO 17100).
Language Insight believes that, alongside the dedication and hard work of its teams, much of its success comes from a fervent commitment to consistently deliver high-quality services. And with the company recording significant growth over the past three years, and posting an impressive client loss rate of just 0.05%, the stats certainly back this up. Winning the Queen’s Award in 2019 has not only enhanced the company’s standing and success but also galvanised it to continue investing in its ever-expanding teams, opening a new London office to facilitate anticipated growth. And with the appointment of both a new Strategic Director and a Client Services Director helping to point the way, Language Insight is confident 2020 will be another successful year.
The company’s Managing Director, Donna Twose says: “It has been a year since we won The Queen’s Award and the benefits of winning such a prestigious award are still apparent. Our success is down to our strong management team and all of our staff who work hard and put quality at the heart of their work. It is an incredibly exciting time for us at Language Insight, and we are ready for our 11th year as a language services provider”.