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  • 2020 International Trade

John King is a family-owned manufacturing company founded in 1926. The fifth generation of the family is now working in the business, qualified and committed, to take it forward and achieve greater success.

The enterprise began by producing plain pedestal bearings for coal mining pit tubs. Expansion came with the rapid mechanisation of the collieries and an increasing demand for chain conveying equipment. In the early days, business revolved around supplying one industry in one region of the United Kingdom. After a decade of unrivalled success and expansion however, the company now exports mechanical handling equipment to over 60 countries.

Present day focus
The business today focuses on provision of a total supply package for materials handling, comprising chains and sprockets to conveyor systems and their eventual installation and maintenance. John King Site Service’s division is the most recent addition to the equipment and supply portfolio.

As a result of clearly defined corporate targets, the business has been transformed over recent years into a very effective manufacturing organisation with over 100 employees. It also boasts subsidiary, yet standalone businesses in Africa, South America, North America, Central Europe and South East Asia.

Manufacturing capabilities
The 2020s business is a lean and profitable enterprise working from a modern manufacturing facility employing best production techniques including CNC machining, fibre laser technology and robotics. This ensures highest quality, consistent and competitive products. All manufacturing is conducted within the dictates of ISO9000 to the latest 2015 standard to ensure quality objectives are monitored and maintained.

John King’s People
The company’s people are at the heart of the Kingdom, constantly driving the business forward whilst showing unrivalled commitment to help make the business the unmitigated success it is. The search for continuous improvement and product innovation is always done together.

Key Industries focus
A proven strategy is to work in key industries where there is a focus on performance and reliability over price. Most target industries are continuous processes where downtime represents a significant business risk. The principal key industries include: cane sugar, steel and non-ferrous production, quarry products and cement production, timber products (paper and pulp, saw milling, panel production), and recycling and renewable energy.

Prioritising international trade
As the UK’s smoking chimneys started to disappear, John King’s priorities moved towards exports. Initial concentration was placed on English-speaking markets, with the countries of the Commonwealth being the obvious focus. In addition to the United Kingdom, the business is proud to have worked within more than 20 of the 54 Commonwealth member states.
Success has not been limited to the Commonwealth. Key industry focus has also driven success in other markets. A good example is Cadenas John King Ltda in Chile, which exists to service the highest global concentration of timber processing, including paper and pulp, sawmilling and panel production.

Innovation is essential
Innovation is an essential management focus. A ‘can do’ philosophy encourages all personnel to contribute to the development of innovation in the business covering product enhancement, product development and improvements in systems, production and working practices.

What does it mean to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise?
The company believes the value of this award cannot be underestimated. As the UK’s most prestigious business accolade, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise represents a tremendous collective achievement.
The potential this recognition represents in enhancing John King’s reputation in existing export markets – and with helping them open up new ones – cannot be underestimated either.