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ICEoxford designs and manufactures custom designed, high-performance cryogenic systems for scientific research communities and industry throughout the world. Founded in 2004 by Chris Busby and Paul Kelly, the company has achieved significant success through its commitment to finding solutions for the cryogenic community.

One of ICEoxford’s most rapidly developing markets is photonic quantum computing research, where a combination of high cooling power and ultra-low temperatures are both necessary. It was while researching this field that the development of the DRY ICE 1.0K came into being. This high cooling power platform can reach temperatures as low as 0.8K (equivalent to -272.2°C) while achieving greater than 250mW of power in the sample area – five times higher than any previous technologies.

The DRY ICE 1.0K has many unique and world-first features, including the patented ‘Sock’ technology which reduces vibration from gas flow. This is vital as vibration must be kept to a minimum in order to maintain the stability of the qubits within the sample area. The system also boasts capability for a 100mm diameter variable temperature insert, the largest available sample space on the market. Line of sight ports enable researchers to visually record data from the sample.

The system is dry, meaning that all Helium4 and Helium3 gas used is fully recycled within the closed system. This differs from more traditional wet systems which use liquefied helium or nitrogen. Dry cryogenics have been integral to the development of ICE over the past 15 years, and the company is proud to promote sustainability across every aspect of its business.

For many years quantum computers were not much more than an idea. Today, companies, governments and intelligence agencies are all investing in the development of quantum technology. The high cooling power system has become the cornerstone of ICE’s product range and it is envisioned the DRY ICE 1.0K, along with the company’s other quantum cryostats, will play a key role in the quantum computing revolution that’s likely to occur over the next few decades.