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Winners Of

  • 2019 International Trade
  • 2019 Innovation

DriveWorks creates innovative, rules-based software, used to configure products and automate manufacturing design and business processes. The Warrington-based company achieved not one, but two separate Queen’s Awards in 2019. One for Innovation and the other for International Trade.

Customisation and personalisation drive sales
Selling customisable products is extremely popular in consumer markets – and DriveWorks has now made this a reality for the B2B world of manufacturing. Offering personalised or custom designs is a highly profitable way of adding value to a business, and of building brand and customer loyalty.

Companies use DriveWorks to create a highly visual and interactive configurator that can quickly and easily customise products online in 3D. Having an online presence opens new opportunities and markets for businesses large and small.

Streamlined processes and better communication
DriveWorks’ cutting-edge technology enables sales and engineering teams to work more effectively, reducing errors and creating sales documents, downstream manufacturing drawings and production data automatically. Customers benefit too, with shorter lead times and greater satisfaction the chief highlights.

Digital technologies, industry 4.0 and e-commerce are all driving today’s business strategies. The benefits DriveWorks offers are at the heart of this digital transformation. Companies using DriveWorks technology allow their customers to place orders from anywhere in the world, at any time, with custom, accurate responses sent automatically.

“Companies that embrace DriveWorks’ rules-based approach win more orders, reduce errors and are more profitable”

Continuous innovation
With a focus on usability, DriveWorks software enables companies to create and maintain their own configurators to suit their specific needs. This sets DriveWorks apart from other configurator solutions on the market.

The DriveWorks team is agile and responsive to emerging markets, opportunities and enhancements suggested by the hundreds of worldwide users who use the software day in, day out. DriveWorks’ ongoing commitment to innovation and, crucially, listening to its customers help to ensure it remains a market leader in CPQ and design automation for manufacturing software, year on year.

“The response we’ve had since receiving our Queen’s Awards has been great, especially from our international customers. We’re proud to tell everyone about the awards, they are tangible recognition of the vision and passion for technology that inspires our entire team”.