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  • 2020 Sustainable Development

Family business David Nieper has been designing and manufacturing high-end women’s clothing for 60 years. One of the few fashion designers never to have taken production overseas, the Derbyshire-based company has always put its people first and promoted the responsible use of natural resources.

Over decades, industrial globalisation has decimated British textile manufacturing, leaving the nation exposed to offshore supply chains. Sadly, the perils of unsustainable supply have been highlighted this year. As the UK faced the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, David Nieper immediately switched production and transferred skills to making high-quality, reusable PPE for doctors and nurses on the frontline.

The events of 2020 have shown that, not only is UK-based manufacturing more sustainable, it is fundamental to the future of the country. David Nieper has always prioritised its community: creating jobs for local people and playing a key role in local education. The company’s education trust has sponsored education at all levels, including an entire secondary school for 850 pupils within the community.

David Nieper is a zero waste-to-landfill company, using renewable energy with solar panels on all its factory roofs. A study by the University of Nottingham revealed garments produced at the David Nieper factory in Britain creates 47% fewer emissions than a similar garment produced overseas.

The company is very proud to be recognised by the Queen’s Awards and looks forward to a new dawn of sustainable, British-made textiles with environmental and social sustainability at the heart of the national agenda.