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Founded in 2001, Esendex provides business messaging services to worldwide customers who all have one shared objective: to improve the way in which they can communicate. While many customers leverage simple SMS applications, others presented the team with a problem to solve: and the award winning solution – Mobile Collections – was the response to a debt collection challenge.

Esendex was asked to find a mechanism to help businesses recoup debt effectively and affordably, while encouraging customers in arrears to ‘cure’ their own accounts and regain control of their finances.

Small value debt is particularly difficult to collect economically as the cost of a telephone call or postal campaign often outweighs the value of the amount owed. However, as companies struggle to survive the economic effects of the Coronavirus outbreak, collecting all forms of debt – both business and consumer – is proving challenging.

Even if the value of the debt may financially support an action, a heavy-handed approach of telephone calls, letters and even bailiff action irrevocably damages the relationship between debtors and creditors.

Esendex’s Mobile Collections solution aims to successfully recoup debt, in a manner that ensures the customer and provider can both continue to have a successful relationship moving forward.

Mobile Collections utilises multiple mobile-first channels, including SMS, RCS and WhatsApp, to cut through the noise and effectively reach consumers. These channels are discreet, allowing the business or consumer to respond at their convenience rather than having to take a call at work or in front of their families.

Once the message has successfully engaged the recipient, they begin a fully branded mobile journey which affords the business or consumer several options: would they like to make full payment or set up a payment plan? Make a promise to pay or speak to an advisor? If they choose a payment option then they can complete their transaction securely without leaving the app. If the debtor chooses to speak to an advisor, they can again leverage a channel of their choice – a text conversation that may be neglected for several hours before being resumed can often prove more successful in leading to a payment plan than the restricting insistence of a telephone call.

For one utilities company, 19% of customers approached made a payment, compared to 4% with the previous workflow. Of these, 82% were for the full amount owed. For a debt collection agency, a single campaign cost £152, and it recovered a total of £44,776.

The company’s CEO Richard Hanscott commented: “This is a tribute to the creativity of our product, professional services and solutions sales teams who took a simple payment proposition and made it into something more innovative. The Queen’s Award adds a stamp of credibility to that. Mobile Collections is not just a good idea, it has delivered results and will allow us to talk to more people about what we have here.”