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  • 2020 Sustainable Development

North Pembrokeshire Care Farm wins Britain’s most prestigious business award

‘This is a great honour,’ said Jim Bowen, Clynfyw’s manager. ‘Care farms are a vital resource supporting vulnerable people in the rural community. Awards give credibility to the whole care farming movement, not just in the ‘charitable’ sector but mainstream business too.’

Many of Clynfyw’s staff are involved with Extinction Rebellion (XR), using non-violent direct action to highlight the climate emergency and helping to rebuild communities in the face of the ecological catastrophe unfolding.

‘One of the reasons we wanted to win the award was because we were fed up with XR Rebels being dismissed as uncooperative crusties,’ said Jim. ‘The truth is Rebels come from all walks of life. We are doctors, teachers, farmers, carers, academics and even winners of the UK’s most prestigious business awards. We cannot ignore the climate catastrophe. We must all focus our energies on how we prepare. There is nothing more important than that.’