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Unit 7, Callow Hill, Brinkworth,
Chippenham SN15 5FD

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Winners Of

  • 2019 Innovation

One of the nation’s most popular brands, Chipside won its first Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) in 2019, in recognition of its innovative digital permit platform. The company has continued to grow strongly since the award and has built a public user base of some six million people. Today, 170 local and regional government authorities use the platform 24/7 to help their residents, visitors and businesses with their transport and parking regulations.

Chipside recently opened a new regional office in Wales to help support the demand for its services. The award reflects the effort, ethos and commitment to achieving consistently high standards in all areas of operation, from software innovation to end user technical support.

Celebrating its 20th year during 2022, the team at Chipside have a clear innovation roadmap towards the next generation of products and services. One of those projects brings together InnovateUK, the University of Bath and Chipside to look at how Artificial Intelligence can improve outcomes for drivers as towns and cities implement their net zero policies.

“The Queen’s Award is hugely respected across the world. Winning the award has brought us international recognition and helped us to secure partners across the globe,” says Paul Moorby OBE, CEO of Chipside. “Closer to home, it is a source of pride to be able to look out from our desks and see the flag flying, reminding us of why we work so hard to be the very best that we can be.”

The UK is a world leader in open data. Richy Clements, Director of Innovation Lab, is clear of the role Chipside will play over the next few years: “The public rightly demands access to their government services at the time of their choosing, on the platform they wish, with outcomes taking seconds, not weeks. We have exciting partnerships in place to meet that challenge.”