Buttonfix Limited


Unit A, 1 Britton Street,

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Tel: +44 (0)20 8150 7190

Winners Of

  • 2020 Innovation

Since their first product launch in 2012, the Button-fix brand has become synonymous with innovation in panel fixings for architectural, acoustic, signage, furniture and transport applications.

The concept is simple: robust Buttons are attached to one surface and mating Fixes are attached to the other. Bring them together until the Button-fixes ‘click’. Special Marker tools precisely and easily align the installation – no need for a tape measure or guesswork. Robustness and simplicity place Button-fix well ahead of the competition.

Founded by product designers with substantial experience designing for the built environment, the company manufactures all its products in the UK and expands the range every year. The team are honoured to be recognised for the Queen’s Award for Innovation. The award will significantly add to their UK, European and US patents and design awards from as far afield as Australia.