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Winners Of

  • 2020 Innovation

Auto Integrate is honoured and proud to receive its second Queen’s Award for Enterprise, this time for Innovation. CEO Terry Bartlett, says: “Our product is designed to make the operations of our customers easier and we’re thrilled to be recognised for our efforts!”

Great Benefits
Launched in 2013, Auto Integrate is a vehicle maintenance authorisation software solution delivered to customers within the US and Canada. The solution facilitates electronic transmission and authorisation of maintenance repair requests between fleet managers and suppliers completing the mechanical work. This ability to transact
electronically helps to streamline operational efficiencies for fleet companies and vendors alike.

Using custom-built intelligent automated decisioning software enables up to 60% of work requests to be auto-approved in under a second. The waiting time for the remaining 40% is also significantly reduced, saving time, lowering costs and improving productivity for both parties. In addition, the product also reduces invoice disputes, a benefit which affords fleet customers yet more operational efficiencies.

Leading provider in the US and Canada
Thanks to the many benefits it provides, Auto Integrate has become completely dominant in the North American market in a relatively short time, with eight out of the top 10 fleet management companies now using it as standard. This growth has completely changed the landscape of the multibillion-dollar automotive maintenance industry
within the US and Canada.

Along with many high-profile clients, Auto Integrate is utilised by the largest government fleet in the USA, and the region’s largest and secondlargest rental companies. Furthermore, the product continues to garner positive customer testimonials from satisfied users across the board. This doesn’t mean the company intends to rest on its laurels though. The product is being constantly upgraded, with new features added all the time to ensure customers can enjoy continued access to the very latest technological innovations and efficiencies.