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  • 2021 Innovation

AlphaBio Control, an Anglo-Italian company based in Cambridge, has just celebrated 10 years as a business that believes safe and effective biopesticides are a central part of the future of agriculture. It found that purified extracts of an olive oil by-product have insecticidal properties that are relevant in important food crops, but crucially have a very low environmental footprint.

The product, called FLiPPER®, is different because it offers farmers, retailers and ultimately consumers who wish to see a greening up of agriculture, a low net carbon, safe and effective way of managing a range of plant-feeding insects and the diseases they spread. FLiPPER® leaves no residues in any crop and has a very low impact on pollinators and other beneficial insects.

This is the first of a pipeline of crop solutions that AlphaBio is bringing to the market, providing growers with the highly effective, low impact tools that will enable them to produce high quality crops in a truly sustainable way.