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  • 2021 Innovation

AESSEAL®, a mechanical seal manufacturer with its head office in Rotherham, has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category for a specialised mixer seal of the type required in vaccine manufacture and other complex industrial operations.

The Short Canister Mixer Seal is the world’s first Zone 0, 1 and 2 range certified mixer seal, based on a modular platform and capable of sealing the most difficult applications in the world by design. Managing Director and founder, Chris Rea, said: “Without a shadow of doubt a Queen’s Award is the greatest single honour that can be bestowed on a business, and the value to the morale and motivation of myself and my colleagues is incalculable.

“Part of our drive for excellence has been the motivation to be able to fly a Queen’s Award for Enterprise flag continuously since 1989, and now we will have the right and privilege to be able to do so for the next five years.