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The Benefits of winning a Queen’s Award

The UK is full of exciting and innovative businesses and the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is a great way of celebrating their success.
Whether a small business with a great innovative product or service, or a larger company running an impressive social mobility programme, this award is a prestigious way to recognise your contribution to enterprise.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are open to applications from almost all businesses of all sizes throughout the UK in every sector.

There are a large number of winners who are SME’s, however there are also a number of larger companies who have won. The minimum size of an eligible company is two full-time employees.

The Queen’s Award is valid for five years. Winning organisations will benefit from:

  • flying the Queen’s Award flag at their principal premises,
  • use of the Emblem on their stationery, advertising and goods. Commemorative articles can be given to employees
  • global recognition and added commercial value for your business
  • an edge over the competition and new business opportunities
  • a boost to your staff morale and company pride

Presentation ceremonies are conducted at the winners’ premises, by the Lord-Lieutenant of the County as HM The Queen’s representative. The Awards consist of a Grant of Appointment and a presentational item bearing the Emblem.

Additionally, representatives of the winning businesses will be invited to a celebratory Royal Reception.

Unsuccessful entrants receive feedback on both the strengths and guidance about how to improve future entries.

Winners have confirmed that the main reasons they enter for a Queen’s Award is for the prestige it brings them. Both at home and overseas, respect for the company is enhanced with this notable achievement. Winners find that being the company with a Queen’s Award amongst other competitors of similar stature can often make the difference in gaining an introduction to new customers. A win is also a great promotional opportunity for publicity in local and national newspapers as well as international trade magazines, in print and on-line.

Although the on-line entry process naturally involves time spent supplying the data required, experience has shown that although some entrants expected the process to be difficult, few actually found this was the case. In fact the time taken to prepare the research for the entry varied mainly from a couple of days to a couple of weeks – but with some entrants completing the information in one day. The time it takes will understandably vary according to the type of company and its products and how readily available the data is.

In a recent survey of Queen’s Awards winners 77% of winners reported the win had brought added commercial value to their business and 73% of winners saw employee engagement rise

It is inevitable that not all companies will succeed in gaining the award – that is of course the whole principle behind any award scheme. On average a quarter of those entering succeed in gaining a Queen’s Award which in fact is an encouraging proportion.

Of course any award is only as good as the employees who have worked hard to achieve it and this recognition is a great morale-booster for companies. Each winning company has a formal presentation by The Queen’s representative (normally the county’s Lord-Lieutenant) at their premises or other suitable location, so the employees are able to enjoy the celebrations first hand.

73% of winners gained extra press coverage, 85% of winners said the impact of winning a Queen’s Award met or exceeded their expectations and 57% of International Trade winners achieved increased recognition overseas

Having won their award, in the months and years that follow winning, companies have found that the predicted outcome has been achieved, with the company’s perception being enhanced within the UK and overseas. Most companies found that the staff responded enthusiastically to the win and the majority of companies made good use of the kudos for their publicity and PR. When asked, nearly all existing winners of a Queen’s Award would recommend entering to other businesses.


Promote your company

The Queen’s Awards Magazine is distributed to decision and policy makers at the very highest level of commerce, industry and government, both in the UK and overseas.

Thousands of Award winners have used our pages to help consolidate market presence, strengthen their competitive position and to generate new business.

In a recent survey of Queen’s Awards winners:

  • 77% of winners reported the win had brought added commercial value to their business
  • 73% of winners saw employee engagement rise
  • 73% of winners gained extra press coverage
  • 85% of winners said the impact of winning a Queen’s Award met or exceeded their expectations
  • 57% of International Trade winners achieved increased recognition overseas

Winners of The Queen’s Awards enjoy widespread respect from their peers, a company visit by a Royal representative, a Lord Lieutenant, during the year to present a presentational item and are also entitled to use The Queen’s Award Emblem in advertising, marketing and on packaging for a period of five years as a symbol of their quality and success. Additionally, winners can make sure they enhance their visibility with a featured listing in the Queen’s Awards Magazine and website – contact Anne Smith for further details