Our Testimonials

There are many reasons for companies to enter for a Queen’s Award, each company has their own specific purposes in doing so but all of them benefit from their success.

The prestige of being winners of the Queen’s Awards has opened many doors for the company all over the world. “A Queen’s Award endorses our commitment to quality and innovation, and gives our customers the confidence to build long term relationships based on trust and respect,” says Chief Executive, Jonathan Flint.
“Winning a Queen’s Award gives us the perfect opportunity to get maximum benefit from our PR and marketing programmes,” says the Group Director of Communications, Lynn Shepherd. “A Queen’s Award logo on our website or literature can be valued in very real terms, and is worth all the work involved in submitting an application. We are very proud that our association with the Queen’s Award raises the profile of science and high technology, and delighted that the Queen’s Awards help to raise our profile in our chosen markets.”

Oxford Instruments
Winners of 11 Queen's Awards including 5 for the Nanoscience group