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Each winning company has a formal presentation by the Queen’s representative (normally the county’s Lord-Lieutenant) at their premises or another suitable location, so the clients, suppliers and employees are all able to enjoy the celebrations first hand.

The Queens Awards 2010-2011 Winners Presentations

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The Queen’s Awards updated Sustainable Development category makes it easier for businesses to demonstrate commercially successful, sustainable development practices that put them at the forefront of industry.

The Sustainable Development category started from July 2019.

Past Queen’s Awards winners have reported benefiting from worldwide recognition, increased commercial value, greater exposure and a boost to staff morale. Research also shows up to 73% of past International Trade winners attribute the Queen’s Awards to increased international sales.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Sustainable Development category has been refocused to make it even easier for businesses to apply.

The category will align with the fifth anniversary of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The goals are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future through 17 pledges including those related to poverty, inequality, climate and peace and justice.

We are delighted to offer our congratulations to all the 2019 Queen’s Awards winners, some of whom have attained the achievement for the first time and others who now hold multiple awards.

You have demonstrated excellence in international trade, innovation, sustainable development and promoting social mobility and the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise continue to constitute the highest honour to be bestowed on a UK company. Businesses of today are not only satisfying customers globally but doing so with a firm eye on environmental impact by finding new routes to sustainable practices.

And creating better futures for employees through the promotion of social mobility opportunities and sustainable business is at the heart of so many of the companies who have won awards this year; innovative thinking and technology have helped to make this a reality and pushing the boundaries has led to smarter business practice.

Any business carrying the Queen’s Awards logo receives a warm welcome internationally and the relevance of the awards has never been clearer. It has been an exceptional year in terms of breadth and diversity of the companies who entered and we look forward to watching their progress over the coming years.

We are delighted to feature interviews with members of the Queen’s Awards judging panel in the magazine for the first time and their insight, wisdom and enthusiasm makes this a must-read for award winners of the future and present alike!

We wish the winners continued success in 2019 and beyond.