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Panel Graphic Ltd

2019 International Trade

Panel Graphic Ltd
Loddon Business Park
Tel: +44(0)1508 528028

Panel Graphic is celebrating its 21st trading year. It has recently won four prestigious regional awards, acknowledging the company’s exceptional growth. The Queen’s Award for International Trade is seen as the pinnacle of achievement for the company, and firmly establishes Panel Graphic as the UK’s leading plastic enhancement display window specialist.

The company specialises in the supply of high quality plastic parts.  Items are machined, printed or coated with special coatings to make them abrasion resistant or give them a surface that removes reflection, allowing the consumer of a product to read an information display better and more clearly at all times.

Unique ranges of surface coatings for plastic parts have been developed.  These parts are now not only being used in Rolls-Royce, Porsche and Bentley Motors, but also in fire detector sensors, enabling long-term performance, as well as medical equipment that will ultimately help to save lives.

Panel Graphic Limited Loddon Business Park, Loddon, Norwich, NR14 6JD •  Tel: +44(0)1508 528028