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Cloudfm Integrated Services Ltd

2019 Innovation

Cloudfm Integrated Services Ltd
Tel: 44 (0) 844 357 3560

In an industry often dismissed as just a ‘support service’ Cloudfm stands out. For its team, facilities management (FM) is not simply an opportunity to profit from outsourcing efficiencies, but a way to make the world a better place – for consumers, workers and business leaders.

Its founders are two former engineers who progressed to senior positions at some of the industry’s biggest players. They experienced first hand the challenges that have threatened even the giants of the industry over the past couple of years.

Although outsourcing has long been an engine of the UK’s economic growth, lack of investment in FM particularly has hampered efforts to collect accurate or useful management information. In turn, this has led to mistrust from clients and extreme pressure on providers’ margins – further curtailing investment and feeding a vicious cycle that reduces skills, pay, safety, value and productivity.

And this matters. FM represents 8% of UK GDP, and employs one in 10 people in this country. FM maintains the safety, utility and appeal of the built environments we all use every day. But cost cutting, profiteering and complacency ensure that pay in the sector has been stagnant for 20 years, levels of statutory compliance are shockingly low, and mistrust is rife. The impact of this is wasted resources, heightened risk to the public, and sub-standard working and leisure environments.

Cloudfm’s founders set out to show the FM industry that a better way is possible. Starting from a blank canvas, they designed radical technologies, processes and training programmes focused on efficiency, quality and trust.

The Cloudfm technology platform is the only one of its kind to be fully paperless, connecting engineers, contractors, back office staff and Cloudfm’s helpdesk. The system is unique in capturing and displaying all relevant information in real time, to all parties involved in the process.

The Cloudfm process is the only end-to-end integrated process in use in the FM industry. With a 100% enforced workflow, there is no scope for work to be non-compliant, incomplete, or below standard. And all its contractors abide by the same stringent guidelines. The efficiency of the process means the company can pay some of the highest rates in the industry, while consistently saving its clients money.

The Cloudfm Academy training programme maintains and enhances the skillsets of everyone on the Cloudfm team, as well those of its contractors. From the only truly multi-skilled engineering team in the industry, to the only technically-trained helpdesk, to experts in compliance and auditing that exist nowhere else, Cloudfm team members have more skills and better opportunities than their counterparts in any comparable organisation.

The power of this formula is clear. Cloudfm delivers the highest verified rates of compliance in the industry, and market-leading scores on all verifiable measures of quality. But, most importantly, Cloudfm is able to save its clients a substantial percentage on FM expenditure, and does so consistently and sustainably. This is a unique proposition, which has seen it grow from a sub £5m turnover to over £75m in the past four years, with no acquisitions or external funding.

Its clients include some of the best-known brands in the UK, and its expansion continues apace, with this year’s focus being on international growth and new technologies. If you are responsible for a number of buildings, then the Cloudfm team may be able to help you.

cloudfm Cloudfm House, Charter Court, Newcomen Way, Severalls Industrial Park, Colchester, CO4 9YA Tel: +44 (0) 844 357 3560