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Buhler UK Ltd

2019 Innovation

Buhler UK Ltd
20 Atlantis Avenue
Tel: 44 (0)20 7055 7777

Bühler UK Ltd’s pioneering research has led to the development of a unique camera technology. The technology, which is used in sorting machines, is capable of recognising subtle contrasts in products, and as a result significantly increases detection rates for foreign materials, potential choke hazards or contaminated foods.

Bühler’s technological breakthrough is being used to improve food safety and increase plastic recycling rates. By delivering the purest recyclate, it is now possible to produce food grade plastic packaging from 100% recycled material, cutting the need for virgin plastic production and levels of plastic being sent to landfill. With further investment, future developments will also be able to detect mycotoxins and even pathogens.

 This is the seventh Queen’s Award that has been won by Bühler UK Ltd since 1968.

Bühler UK Limited 20 Atlantis Avenue, London, E16 2BF    Tel: +44 (0)20 7055 7777 Fax: +44  (0)20 7055 7700