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BioStrata Ltd

2019 International Trade

BioStrata Ltd
Endurance House, Vision Park
Tel: 44 (0)1223 627120

The life science sector is a vibrant space, with new technologies, techniques and services being developed and introduced to the market at a remarkable pace. However, creating an innovative product or service is no guarantee of success – it is vital that companies engage a modern scientific audience by embracing the latest public relations and inbound marketing approaches.

BioStrata is a specialist marketing communications agency that connects companies in the life science sector with customers worldwide, to assist in the adoption of cutting-edge products and services that drive scientific discovery and impact the world around us.

Representing a broad range of life science companies, from start-ups to global corporates, its current clients range from companies providing life science research tools, diagnostics and lab automation solutions, to those working in the food and environmental technology, biotechnology, drug discovery and pharmaceutical sectors.

Started by Paul Avery PhD and Clare Russell PhD in 2014, it is a fully integrated service agency offering strategy, branding and message development through to content creation, creative execution, digital marketing and public relations. Its team is skilled across the entire marketing mix, with over 100 years’ combined experience.

With offices in Cambridge (UK) and Boston (US), the growing team includes a significant number of people with deep scientific experience and knowledge, such as PhD-qualified scientists and others who have spent time in laboratories at the start of their careers.

Deep specialist experience and knowledge ensure the team communicate effectively with the scientific audiences clients want to reach. The team is able to turn technical information into creative and inspiring messages that resonate with customers and drive action across a broad range of markets, such as food safety, environmental analysis, cancer research, informatics and forensics, to name just a few.

BioStrata’s core market focus is what sets it apart. Its team knows how life science customers think, feel and buy – after all, they used to be them. 

BioStrata Ltd Endurance House, Vision Park, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9ZR    Tel: +44 (0)1223 627120