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2018 International Trade

Habergham Works, Ainleys Industrial Estate
Tel: +44 (0)1422 331133

A-Safe HQ Ltd Established in 1984, A-SAFE invented the world’s first industrial strength polymer safety barrier in 2001. On impact from a workplace vehicle, A-SAFE barriers flex, absorb impact forces, then reform to their original shape; saving companies thousands on incident prevention and costly maintenance, repairs and downtime.

Their innovative safety products have become the go-to solution for the world’s largest organisations. Airports like Heathrow and Singapore, production facilities such as BMW and Jaguar Land Rover, and distribution centres and warehouses for DHL and Amazon.

A-SAFE’s continuous record of exporting to a multitude of overseas clients sees them win the Queen’s Award for International Trade for the second time.

Since their first Queen’s Award win in 2014, A-SAFE have continued to develop, launching 3rd generation polymer safety barriers in 2015. The new barrier range made posts 400% stronger and rails 60% stronger and longer, creating a safer, more economical system. Patented coupling technology increases energy absorption by working in 3 sequential stages to cushion impact forces and dissipate energy away from fixings and floors, preventing damage. Built-in modularity gives customers ultimate flexibility, allowing barriers to move or adapt as a facility changes. Hygiene seals and an absence of ingress points are revolutionary for sensitive manufacturing industries such as food and drink or pharmaceutical.

Continuous innovation has recently seen A-SAFE’s product offer expand into new fields of technology, leading the industry into a new era of integrated safety systems. Latest developments include electronic inventions that go beyond protection, designed to detect, monitor and record damage.

A-SAFE’s world-leading Innovation Centre now proudly recruits polymer physicists, design engineers, and electronics engineers. Investing millions of pounds in custom-built machinery ensures quality and attention to detail is inherent throughout every element of the process. From research and development to design, testing and manufacture, all owned and controlled at their HQ in the UK, before the final product is exported around the world.

The “Global and Local” export strategy of establishing wholly owned subsidiaries globally, complemented by an additional 39 trusted distributors worldwide, has seen overseas sales grow by 113% over the last three years. The proportion of sales exported has increased to 76% of total sales, with a cumulative average growth of 38% over five years.

A-SAFE is passionate about workplace safety. Their knowledge is respected to such a great extent that they are technical authors of the world’s first and only code of practice for workplace safety barriers; partnering with the BSI to create PAS 13: 2017. This newly launched PAS is designed to enable facility managers worldwide to take steps towards improving workplace safety, raising standards globally.

Scientifically engineered safety is the future of workplace protection and the cutting-edge products reaching across the world from A-SAFE’s HQ are driving that future.


A-SAFE HQ LTD Habergham Works, Ainleys Industrial Estate, Elland, Halifax HX5 9JP Tel: +44 (0)1422 331133