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RMG Networks Ltd (Formerly Symon Dacon Ltd)

2013 | International Trade
RMG Networks Ltd (Formerly Symon Dacon Ltd)
1 Enterprise Way
Hemel Hempstead HP2 7YJ
Tel: +44 (0) 1442 233 222
Through delivering intelligent visual communications solutions to businesses in 49 countries, RMG Networks has become a global leader in the digital signage industry and is now the proud owner of a Queen’s Award for International Trade. 
RMG Networks, previously known as Symon Dacon, was founded in 1980 and has since grown to become a leading provider of end-to-end digital signage solutions for both enterprise and consumer market places. In recognising the clear necessity for effective business communications tools, the organisation first began operating solely within the contact centre market, tailoring solutions that would gather and present real-time performance data to businesses via traditional wallboards. 
Today, the RMG business continues to serve the contact centre industry, but has expanded significantly to deliver visual communications solutions to multiple markets and verticals in order to enhance business performance and generate incremental revenue. In the retail and hospitality sectors, RMG focuses on enriching the consumer experience in order to most effectively and innovatively engage with people as they enter commercial premises, and strategically create customised customer experience journeys to embed brand loyalty. 
In corporate internal communications, RMG delivers dynamic solutions that enable instant real-time information globally, across multiple sites or specific information to just to a single endpoint. This flexible communications tool improves performance by delivering real-time business intelligence and logistical information, recognising and uniting work forces, connecting members of the board to their employees and boosting morale. 
RMG solutions can reach target audiences via various innovative end-points, including internal and external signage, desktop and mobile. Additionally the user experience can be enhanced by touch interactive screens, gesture screens and intelligent gender recognition software to instantly convert screen content to most effectively engage the viewer. 
RMG remains one of very few digital signage companies offering one point of accountability for consultancy, hardware, software, creative services, professional services and on-going global technical support, an advantage that has enabled RMG to grow a worldwide client base of more than 7,500 businesses. RMG powers over 1 million digital signage end-points worldwide. 
“Being recognised by such an honourable award for our efforts in International Trade has been a cause for celebration” stated Daniel Horgan, Managing Director, RMG Enterprise Solutions. 
“To us, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise recognises the many achievements of our organisation and our employees over many years, particularly in terms of our impressive growth as a visual communications provider and our development of key international partnerships” added Daniel. 
Due to the scale in which RMG  has grown to operate, the digital signage provider occupies several worldwide offices positioned in the UK, US, Middle East, Singapore, India and Beijing and boasts a workforce that understands and values the diversity of international cultures, beliefs and languages. Many RMG employees are also multilingual, allowing the organisation to co-operate effectively with clients and business partners worldwide. 
“The new RMG Networks is an even stronger company and will continue to invest in product development and services that enable us to offer end-to-end visual communications solutions and deliver value and innovation to our customers and their facilities throughout the world”, said Daniel Horgan, adding, “We are very excited for further global growth and look forward to many more achievements to come”. 
RMG Networks Ltd
1 Enterprise Way, Hemel Hempstead, 
Hertfordshire, HP2 7YJ, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1442 233 222    
Fax: +44 (0) 1442 219 656 
Left to right: Martyn Barnett – Director of Client Services,
Julie Richings – Finance Director, Dan Horgan – Managing Director,
Carol Harraway – Head of International Marketing
 Top left: RMG Driving Employee Engagement for Roche
Pharmaceuticals, Basel . Top right: RMG's Vibrant Video-wall
Solution at Tommy Hilfiger, Paris

RMG proudly displaying the Queen’s Award emblem at their UK head office