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Rigibore Ltd

2013 | International Trade
Rigibore Ltd
Guildford Road Industrial Estate
Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4QZ
Tel: +44 (0)1736 755355
Rigibore Ltd is a forward-thinking and innovative manufacturer of high quality tooling for precision hole boring based in Hayle, Cornwall for the automotive, aerospace, marine, agricultural and heavy plant industries. 
The Board of Directors and its team of highly skilled engineers and professionals all believe that the business must innovate to stay ahead of the competition. They believe that a strong culture built around trust, risk taking, and entrepreneurship provides the best foundation for product development. Over 20% of the workforce is of graduate and post-graduate level with degrees in disciplines from design engineering and robotics to Mandarin Chinese.
The company has a very low personnel turnover and the core engineering team have been working together on various product development projects together for over a decade. Consequently all the research and development is conducted in-house and the company owns all the intellectual property.  It has patented its technology in Europe and the USA.
Rigibore currently exports over 90% of turnover. It has subsidiary companies in Wisconsin, USA and Bangalore, India and sells elsewhere through a network of global distributors. The company prides itself on its dedicated support, knowledge, and decades of experience in this niche 
engineering sector. 
Focusing on innovation, new high-tech products such as ActiveEdge have been introduced to meet the increasingly demanding needs of global, blue chip manufacturers.  These new products have been installed in diverse production environments from high-volume heavy plant production to low Ievel, very high value production in the aerospace sector.   
Support and service have allowed the company to become a supplier to some of the world's largest manufacturers.  It also works closely with a number of leading machine tool builders. 
The sales of these products which account for most of the increase in overseas sales have been particularly successful in the USA which accounts for almost 70% of the company's sales.
The Technology: Rigibore has developed and manufactures the world's most accurate tool compensation system for the hole boring process – ActiveEdge.
The basis for ActiveEdge is to allow a close tolerance bored diameter to be held without intervention of an operator.  A hole is accurately bored with the ActiveEdge tool just as with any other boring bar. 
A measurement value is then taken from either a machine spindle gauge, probe, external gauging system or CMM. 
The measurement value is then transmitted to the machine control and assessed against the required tolerance or SPC data. If required the machine control can then automatically send a compensation request to the ActiveEdge tool. The tool then automatically compensates prior to entering the spindle.
The company is extremely proud of its award.  Company founder and Chairman, Roger Bassett  explained    'The increase in international trade is the result of developing high-tech boring tools, ActiveEdge & Smartbore that reduce the skill requirement in the manufacturing industry.
This has only been possible by seeing the need for such products
and having a dedicated & skilled team of people to develop, market and support such products.'
Rigibore Ltd
Guildford Road Industrial Estate, Hayle, 
Cornwall TR27 4QZ
Tel: +44 (0)1736 755355
Fax: +44 (0)1736 756100


'Roger Bassett, Founder and Chairman holding an ActiveEdge boring bar with (L-R) Design Manager Elwyn Buckingham, Engineering Director Greg Cocks 
and Software Developer, Dr Steve Harris.

Smartbore, another product in Rigibore's 
high-tech product range using its patented technology

'An ActiveEdge boring bar'