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Qdos Holdings Ltd

Qdos Holdings Ltd
Windsor House, Troon Way Business Centre, Humberstone Lane
Tel: +44 (0)116 2690 999

Qdos Holdings Ltd is the holding
company of a number of technology driven businesses, collectively known as the Qdos Group. The group’s portfolio includes the UK’s number-one contractor insurance business, consultancy, accountancy and legal. The Leicester-based group employs over 100 people in their Thurmaston offices over
eight businesses.

The rapid growth and internationalisation of the business is down to the innovative delivery platforms all linked together via PIVOT, the centralised “Hub”. This is a unique delivery network, made up of stand-alone systems for
sales, promotion, user interface, data collection and document archive. All products and services are fully delivered by digital platforms.

Qdos’ advanced systems analyse their customers’ profiles which then allows them to create strategic campaigns which are designed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to harvest registrations and databases, interacting with social media and key contractor forums.

This cutting edge digital technology means
that Qdos can offer a wide range of instantly accessible insurance products in an ever progressing technology based society, thus fulfilling each client’s needs.

Qdos’ transition to a digital business has increased sales by over 40% over the last three years to £39 million in 2017 with the group now valued at over £200 million.

Qdos were delighted to have been awarded such a prestigious award. Commenting on the honour, Executive Chairman, Steve Greenwell said:

This is a momentous achievement for the business and I would like to say a huge thank you to our dedicated team of employees for all the hard work they have all put in over the years. The journey began  just over 10-years ago and we are now one
of the UK’s leading specialist insurance brokers
using state of the art technology based systems to meet the challenges of the modern age. The
Queens Award is a wonderful acknowledgement of how far we have come and I am incredibly proud of this accomplishment and of all
the staff.”