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Newham Training and Education Centre (NEWTEC)

2018 | Innovation
Newham Training and Education Centre (NEWTEC)
1 Mark Street
Stratford E15 4GY
Tel: +44 (0)20 85195843

Newham Training and Education Centre – NEWTEC

NEWHAM TRAINING AND EDUCATION CENTRE (NEWTEC) is an award-winning charity organisation offering vocational training opportunities and high quality registered day care nursery facilities in Stratford and East London. It is well placed and experienced to respond to the challenges and opportunities available in the Newham area, which is one of the most disadvantaged and ethnically diverse areas in the UK.

NEWTEC’s mission emphasises the importance of a variety of services in realising the overall purpose of the charity:  “To provide the highest quality care services and related vocational training for young people, adults and employers.”

NEWTEC supports young people and adults, many of whom are vulnerable and disadvantaged, owing to issues including cultural barriers, being disabled, having a learning disability or a mental health problem. Our services are educational/training focused, supporting young people/adults to gain confidence, improve educational attainment, acquire new skills, volunteer and move towards gaining employment and supporting community cohesion.

Over the past five years, NEWTEC has developed an innovative model to support 16 to 18year-olds develop a career in nursery care services. What makes our model innovative is that once qualified, NEWTEC establishes a new nursery and employs those who have been trained. This age group is the most difficult to engage (particularly those from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic [BAME] communities) and moreover, to employ.

Our approach has been to identify those hardest to reach and not in education, employment or training (referred to as NEET) and provide them with training/education, and gaining a qualification (minimum standard is a level 2). Many of the young people (the majority of whom are from BAME communities) go on to gain higher level qualifications, with many acquiring a foundation degree or BA degree through Kingston University, which NEWTEC delivers in collaboration with Kingston University.


1 Mark Street, Stratford London E15 4GY
Tel: +44 (0)20 85195843
Fax: +44 (0)20 85196755