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Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray Ltd

2013 | International Trade
Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray Ltd
Greenfield, Royston Business Park
Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 5HN
Tel: +44 (0)1763 257900

Formed in 2000, Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray is a global market leader in cutting-edge x-ray solutions for contaminant detection and product integrity inspection for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. The company has been based in Royston, Hertfordshire, since 2004, designing and manufacturing the most technically advanced x-ray inspection solutions on the market. The technologies provide complete operational confidence to food producers and their retail channels that products are safe and of the highest quality standards for end-consumers. Its systems are designed and built entirely in the UK, with 98 per cent of components sourced nationally.

With the globalisation of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets in recent years, there has been an increased focus on product safety and quality worldwide, with legislation growing ever more stringent to protect consumer health. Mettler-Toledo has been committed to supporting its customers in meeting this challenge through its high-performance product inspection technologies.

As a result of this commitment, Mettler-Toledo enjoyed export growth from 2007 to 2013 of 266 per cent. In recognition of this outstanding achievement, the company was honoured with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category 2013. Since then, its revenue increased by an incredible 140 per cent, and it now boasts a 30 per cent market share. Thanks to a global network of technical experts, as well as sales and service teams, exports now account for more than 95 per cent of Mettler-Toledo’s sales.

The company has also enjoyed impressive physical growth since receiving The Queen’s Award. The entire facility has been extended by 27 per cent, now covering 28,375 square foot of space. Mettler-Toledo’s head count has increased by almost a fifth, not just through recruitment, but through a staff retention rate of 95 per cent, reinforcing its reputation as a great place to work.

On top of this growth, Mettler-Toledo has also been busy developing innovative solutions not just to optimise product safety for customers, but to maximise productivity as well, such as its next generation technologies. Comprising the X33 Series, as well as X36 and X37 Series, these systems offer manufacturers the benefit of reduced power consumption combined with enhanced sensitivity, helping to further boost brand protection and consumer well-being while also lowering production costs.

Winning The Queen’s Award meant a great deal to the business as a whole. It was a testament to the hard work and commitment of the entire team to developing innovative x-ray equipment and to raising their profile in the market. The award is a seal of quality for the company’s technologies and its brand, helping to further boosting its standing on the international stage, while also demonstrating Mettler-Toledo’s commitment to manufacturing in the UK to stakeholders and employees.

Looking to the future, Dave Masterson, Operations Manager at Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray, said: “The past few years have seen positive growth for Mettler-Toledo, we fully intend to build on this strong foundation with ambitious growth targets for 2015 and beyond. To achieve this, we are committed to investing in new product development to ensure our x-ray inspection technology continues to address industry challenges and meet our customers’ quality needs. Working together, our team is dedicated to making the next decade every bit as successful for Mettler-Toledo as the last.”

Together with Safeline Metal Detection, Garvens Checkweighing, CI-Vision and Pharmacontrol Electronic GmbH (PCE), Safeline X-ray forms the Product Inspection division of Mettler-Toledo, the world’s largest product inspection group.