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Green Energy Options Ltd

Green Energy Options Ltd
3 St Mary’s Court, Main Street, Hardwick
Cambridge CB23 7QS
Tel: +44 (0)1223 850210

geo designs smarter energy products that
help consumers better control their home energy usage and save money.

Founded in 2006, geo was at the forefront of providing vital energy data long before smart meters arrived. We have since supplied over four million systems to UK and European homes and are one of the top 40 fastest growing tech companies in the UK. 

Following the launch of our first product, the Solo, in 2007, geo has gone on to design, develop and supply a broad range of devices, apps and data services. Each one of these offers a simple but intelligent user interface, delivers clear, understandable information about the energy being used and increasingly, the ability to
control it.

Focusing on the energy element of the smart home, geo aims to make energy smarter. The starting point was to make energy visible so that it can be understood and managed, but our curiosity has led to years of consumer research and innovation.  We have a clear understanding of the shift in focus among home owners and have harnessed this change to introduce products
and services that resonate with today’s more energy-conscious consumers.

 Increasingly this puts consumers in control and draws them into a collective goal to manage home energy efficiently and reduce their bills. We are now pioneering the Hybrid Home – an active home that interfaces with the grid. A hybrid home, like a hybrid car, combines both traditional and new ways of powering the home to double the home’s fuel efficiency while improving the living experience.

We are delighted to receive the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.