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Divelements Ltd trading as SkyDemon

2018 | International Trade
Divelements Ltd trading as SkyDemon
Clark House, Higher Kingsbury
Milborne Port DT9 5EB
Tel: +44 (0)1963 250029

SKYDEMON is a lean, privately owned company, producing world-class flight planning and navigation software for light aviation. We are extremely proud to have won Queen’s Awards in the categories of Innovation and International Trade.

Our remarkable success is based on relentless innovation and continuous development in response to feedback from our customers. We seek not to merely add new features to our products, but to understand the problems that our users are trying to solve, and to create solutions that overcome these problems more effectively than pilots imagined to be possible; we then closely follow how our systems are used, constantly refining, always seeking to reduce the workload of the pilot without removing their options and agency.

We create our products with clarity and ease of use foremost in our minds. Modern airspace is complex, and our customers need to be aware of all the potential hazards and options without becoming overloaded with irrelevant details. With our common sense approach, we make the skies less intimidating for our pilots, giving them the confidence to engage with their passion to the fullest.

Our innovations have helped to avoid needless duplication of effort; not just by our customers but also by airfield owners, air traffic controllers, and state regulators. We set new standards in how complicated data should be presented to users in a timely and intuitive way. We work with data producers to improve the quality of the base data for the benefit of all pilots, not just our own. Perhaps most importantly, we make it so that planning and briefing for a flight becomes easy and more fun!

We are known throughout our industry for engaging directly with pilots of all kinds, opening dialogues and supporting their needs with a human touch. We never tire of hearing how our work has made flights easier and safer,
and so we redouble our efforts such that we can continue to deserve the trust that is placed in us.


Clark House, Higher Kingsbury, Milborne Port, DT9 5EB
Tel: +44 (0)1963 250029