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CPR Global Tech Ltd

2018 | International Trade
CPR Global Tech Ltd

CPR Global Tech Ltd (CPR)
CPR GLOBAL TECH LTD (CPR) is the manufacturer of the world’s bestselling stand-alone call blocker. The company is delighted to receive the Queen’s Award in the International Trade category, in recognition for its success in overseas markets.  

CPR manufactures and distributes products that protect individuals from nuisance and scam calls. These stand-alone call blockers plug into the landline telephone and allow the user to permanently block unwanted phone calls at the touch of a button. This blocking action is often associated with a smile of empowerment.

The company was established in response to the growing problem of nuisance calls in the UK. CPR produces an eco-friendly technology which puts the consumers back in control of their privacy, without needing to change their number. For elderly and vulnerable people, becoming the victim of a telephone fraud has devastating consequences. The impact is not only in terms of financial losses, but it is also psychological with victims often losing confidence and becoming isolated.

In 2010, when little was known about the human cost associated with nuisance calls, Andrew Sandbrook, CEO, started to develop a passionate and enthusiastic team that was the first to champion the need to protect individuals from scam and nuisance calls.  Andrew has been invited to advise the UK Government’s ‘All Parliamentary Committee’ on call blocking technology. As a CTSI Corporate Affiliate member, CPR also undertakes pilots studies with the police and Trading Standards and, as a result, all CPR products are accredited ‘Secure by Design’ – the UK Police flagship initiative.

With sales increasing in the UK, CPR formed its global growth strategy and launched into international markets in 2012.  It now has fulfilment centres in Europe, Australia,  Canada,  the United States and South America. In the US, CPR has been working with a number of Attorney General Offices as well as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block unwanted robocalls.  This high level of international exposure in the press, TV and radio has driven international sales in stores, websites and home shopping networks.

Being recognised with the Queen’s Award for International Trade reinforces CPR’s passion to make a difference in people’s lives. The call blockers now form part of a wider set of products that all aim to empower vulnerable people of all ages to lead safe and active independent lives at home and also, crucially, when out and about. New products include the CPR Watchu Guardian; a GPS smart tracking watch that has a range of useful features including alerting loved ones when the wearer leaves a designated ‘safe’ zone. By using technology to leverage the power of community, CPR is developing resilient communities that rely more on self-help and less on hard-pressed emergency services. CPR is now busy building the future of telecare with its Care 360 assistance package.

Andrew Sandbrook comments: “We are extremely proud to receive such a prestigious endorsement and it is testament to the hard work our team has put in as a company over the last eight years to tackle the problem of nuisance and scam calls.  We are excited for the future and hope to cement our position as a global leader in offering self-care products to the most vulnerable in society. In winning such a well-respected award we hope to gain recognition from and build relationships with other like-minded organisations and future partners.”

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