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ClimateCare Oxford Ltd

2014 | Sustainable Development
ClimateCare Oxford Ltd
112 Magdalen Road
Oxford OX4 1RQ
Tel: +44 (0)1865 591000

You might think you know all about carbon offsetting, but the climate and development experts at ClimateCare will challenge your perceptions. Since 1997 this results-focused organisation has pioneered the use of carbon finance to fund projects that not only cut carbon, but which are designed from the outset to alleviate poverty and improve health. 

LifeStraw Carbon for Water provides safe
water for millions of western Kenyans

Jaguar Land Rover supports the
entire Busia area of LifeStraw Carbon for Water

From its base in Oxford (and project office in Nairobi) a small but expert team work with major global partners including Aviva, Jaguar Land Rover and The Co-operative to run some of the largest and most successful voluntary carbon offset programmes in the world. A respected market leader in the field, to date it has cut over 16.5 million tonnes of CO2 and improved the lives of more than 6 million people.

Many businesses are focussed on reducing their carbon emissions, but ClimateCare’s CEO Edward Hanrahan believes this activity alone is simply not enough – businesses have to take responsibility for the carbon footprint that remains.

Jonathan Porritt, environmental expert and Founder of Forum for the Future agrees, saying “Investing in high quality carbon and development projects, like those that ClimateCare offers, should be an essential part of the CSR and carbon management strategy of every responsible business.”

How does ClimateCare’s integrated Climate and Development approach work?

ClimateCare brings together Governments, NGOs, investors and private companies to deliver bespoke projects, designed from the outset to deliver multiple impacts. One example is the world-first LifeStraw Carbon for Water project. ClimateCare partnered with LifeStraw manufacturer Vestergaard to distribute simple water filters to the entire Western Province of Kenya, providing over 4 million people with safe drinking water. Emissions are reduced, because people no longer need to boil water on open fires to make it safe to drink.

The carbon reductions are measured and independently verified, before being sold to responsible businesses who use them to offset their own emissions. This income funds the project.

Jaguar Land Rover (another Queen’s Award Winner for International Trade) is one such responsible business. As part of a broader Carbon Management strategy it supports an entire region of the LifeStraw Carbon for Water project, providing safe water to the 700,000 people in Busia and at the same time offsetting all of its UK manufacturing emissions.

Recent research from the Gold Standard Foundation confirms the value of this integrated Climate and Development approach, showing that for every 1 tonne of carbon a business offsets through carbon for water projects, it will deliver an amazing $117 of health impacts to the local community.

We’ve offset the carbon footprint of this years print version of The Queen’s Awards magazine with ClimateCare through the award winning LifeStraw Carbon for Water project.

To offset your emissions and improve lives call +44(0)1865 591000 or visit