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Central Wire Industries UK Ltd

2018 | International Trade
Central Wire Industries UK Ltd
1 Primrose Park, Greasbrough Road
Rotherham S60 1RH
Tel: +44 (0) 1709 376625

Central Wire Industries UK Ltd
CENTRAL WIRE INDUSTRIES UK Ltd, in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, manufactures and distributes speciality, high quality stainless steel and nickel-based alloy round and profile wires.

In recognition of the company’s outstanding 92% growth in international markets over the past three years, the UK member of the CWI Group is delighted to have received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade.

CWI-UK Ltd has an extensive alloy-grade library and a wide portfolio of wire products that cover many industries, including welding, aerospace, and construction. The company is best known for producing profile wires used in many diverse applications and slickline wires used globally in the oil and gas industry, marketed under the internationally recognised brand of GDTM-SUPA® Slicklines.

The acquisition of CWI UK Ltd in 2015 expanded the international reach of the CWI group of companies, allowing for shorter lead times and faster deliveries on the global stage. The company has more flexibility in customisation and order sizes, and CWI-UK has increased the company’s ability to fulfill smaller orders quickly.

“I am absolutely delighted that Central Wire Industries UK Ltd has won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, said James Roper, managing director of CWI-UK. “The winning of this award gives recognition to all the hard work and commitment given by each of our employees both past and present.”

(A member of the Central Wire Industries Group)
1 Primrose Park, Greasbrough Road, Rotherham,
South Yorkshire S60 1RH  •  Tel: +44 (0) 1709 376625  •