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Celtic Sheepskin & Co ltd. Trading as Celtic & Co.

2018 | International Trade
Celtic Sheepskin & Co ltd. Trading as Celtic & Co.
Treloggan Industrial Estate
Newquay TR7 2SX
Tel: +44 (0)333 400 0044

Celtic & Co.
CELTIC & a British fashion brand that offers luxury products made exclusively from the finest natural fibres, predominantly produced in the UK. Founders Nick and Kath Whitworth have been running the business for 28 years from their Cornwall base and it is now established as one of the UK’s largest retailers of luxury sheepskin products.

Celtic is a direct-to-consumer retailer, operating through UK, US, Canadian and Australian websites, a dedicated call centre and a handful of small boutiques. Celtic’s sheepskin footwear is still handcrafted in its workshop in Newquay by a talented team.

Nick says: “Since 2014, our strategy has focused on profitable growth to protect Celtic in the long term by building up our equity. We’re still aiming to grow between 5-10% of our turnover YOY, but focusing on a wide range of markets/opportunities to ensure we’re not over-reliant on one market or territory.

“A key part of this strategy is international growth, demonstrated by our growth from 1% of total turnover being through exports in 2014/15 to 17% in 2017/18. B2B (UK and international) is another area of growth and diversification. We’ve recently partnered with trade agents in the UK and the US and are delighted to have secured our first major US trade customer with a $44,000 order!”

Kath explains: “Our business model is to run overseas operations from our head office in Cornwall. We use logistics partners to ensure we are exporting goods in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

“By doing this we are keeping employment opportunity and supplier partnerships in the UK – supporting our local economy. As we grow international business we will continually look at innovative ways to use natural fibres to create long-lasting, timeless pieces that help transform us from a throwaway society into one that values sustainability.

“The manufacturing part of the business has its heart in Cornwall and that’s where our boots and slippers will always be made.”

Treloggan Industrial Estate, Newquay, Cornwall
TR7 2SX, Tel: +44 (0)333 400 0044  •