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Cambridge Weight Plan Ltd (formerly known as Cambridge Manufacturing Company Ltd)

2012 | International Trade
Cambridge Weight Plan Ltd (formerly known as Cambridge Manufacturing Company Ltd)
Stafford House, Brakey Road
Corby NN17 1LU
Tel: +44 (0) 1536 403344
Established in 1984, Cambridge Manufacturing Company Ltd (CMC) manufactures and markets Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) – a low calorie weight management programme. 
The registered name of the company was changed to Cambridge Weight Plan Ltd in January 2014 to align with the trading name of the organisation and the brand name world-wide. In the UK Cambridge Weight Plan is sold through more than 2600 accredited independent Cambridge Consultants who provide advice, guidance and support during all phases of weight care from initial weight loss to long-term weight maintenance. However, obesity is now a global health issue and the company operates in markets as diverse as Australia, Holland, Dubai, South Africa and Vietnam. 
The Corby based business won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2012 for its outstanding achievement in overseas earnings growth with year-on-year increases in export sales calculated at 119% since 2008. Employing 177 people, CMC is part owned by an Employee Benefit Trust. The company has also won the Food Manufacturer Excellence Award in 2009, the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Excellence Award in 2010, DSA Leadership Award in 2011 and DSA Company with a Heart Award in 2013.
Until January 2010, the CWP brand was known as the Cambridge Diet. CWP offers six flexible weight management programmes ranging from 415kcal to 1500+kcal per day, and a maintenance programme.  Products include a variety of bars, soups, porridges, shakes and rice pudding – all of which are nutritionally balanced and can be used as the sole source of nutrition or as part of a balanced weight management programme. On-going research into the effectiveness of CWP programmes within weight management continues, including a global project investigating the prevention of pre-diabetes through the use of formula foods. 
Since winning The Queen’s Award, CWP’s overseas activities have continued to expand with more and more people achieving their weight loss goals using Cambridge programmes. 
The Distributor in Mexico has hosted several successful events to raise the profile of Cambridge Weight Plan in 2013 and build strong links with the medical community. One such event was held at the British Embassy in Mexico City, where the Ambassador herself gave a presentation in support of the programme.
In November 2013, the fifth International Slimmer of the Year competition was held as part of the annual Cambridge Convention. The competition provides international slimmers with the opportunity to represent their country and demonstrate the global success of Cambridge programmes. Rami Suhail al Deek of Jordan won the title, having lost 8st 5lb (53kg) – he was also the first slimmer entered by the Jordanian Distributor, whose business launched in 2012 and is showing strong growth. The overall amount of weight lost by all of the slimmers who entered the 2013 competition was a staggering 2,289st 10lb (14,540kg).
The company continues to investigate other potential markets around the world and investments continue to be made at CWP’s headquarters in Corby to ensure swift and efficient servicing of export orders.
CWP’s Managing Director, Eileen Skinner, said: “Winning The Queen’s Award was an honour and a testament to the continued efforts by our staff and Distributors. We are delighted to be helping so many people around the world to achieve their weight loss goals.”
Cambridge Weight Plan Ltd
Stafford House, Brakey Road, Corby, 
Northants NN17 5LU UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1536 403344     Fax: +44 (0) 1536 202396
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Above: Cambridge Weight Plan Distributors
at their annual International Conference 2013

Above: International Slimmer of the Year 2013,
Rami Suhail al Deek from Jordan

Left:British Ambassador to Mexico, Judith Macgregor, with representatives of Cambridge Weight Plan in the UK and Mexico