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BullionVault (Galmarley Ltd)

2013 | International Trade
BullionVault (Galmarley Ltd)
12th Floor, Landmark House, Blacks Road,
Hammersmith, London W6 9DP
Tel: +44 (0)20 8600 0130

BullionVault is a physical gold and silver exchange online. Operating from Hammersmith, West London, it was founded in 2003 to meet Director Paul Tustain’s own needs as a private individual wanting to buy, own and trade physical bullion safely and efficiently.

Users buy and sell gold and silver live on the net, acting in open competition to achieve the very best prices. Holding their property inside secure, market-approved vaults, customers are assured of their ownership through a Daily Audit of third-party documents, published online to provide complete transparency.

Investing in multi-lingual staff and web-based marketing, Galmarley Ltd (which trades solely as BullionVault) received a Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2013 after growing overseas sales 140% in three years. It won in Enterprise Innovation in 2009 for making professional bullion available to private investors through purpose-built internet technology.