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Bamboo Distribution Ltd

2018 | International Trade
Bamboo Distribution Ltd
Unit 5, I.O. Centre, Lea Road
Waltham Abbey EN9 1AS
Tel: +44 (0)845 5828880

Bamboo Distribution Ltd is an international, independent mobile phone distributor, incorporated in 2009 by a management team of industry professionals. Bamboo specialises in asset recovery, refurbishment, resale and recycling of consumer electronic devices and currently provides services to its clients in over 18 international markets as well as the UK.   

Bamboo Distribution provides its partners with the very best value and quality end-to-end services, always delivered with care and integrity and working within environmental guidelines.

As well as the distribution of new Grade A and used products, we offer fulfilment, asset management and recycling solutions to clients all over the world.

A professional work ethic and dedicated management team has seen the company become an established entity and trusted partner in the marketplace.

Working with insurance companies, major high street retailers, authorised distributors, repairers and independent retailers in the UK and EU, Bamboo assists its key partners and adds value throughout the supply chain and delivers complex product solutions in the mobile industry.

With customers and collection partners worldwide, Bamboo has a significant presence in the global marketplace. Our operating centres in the UK, Europe and Asia enable us to provide dedicated logistics support, and value-added packaging systems and competitive pricing enable us to meet a wide range of customer needs.

The large variety of stock which Bamboo Distribution has available means we can offer a wide range of quality-assessed mobile phones and electronic products to meet the volume and diversity of partner demands. Our flexible order quantities allow us to cater to the needs of our customers while competitive pricing ensures maximum revenue and guarantees value for money.

We strive to take care of the details, providing a smooth business transaction for our customers and peace of mind. 

Distribution services:
• Competitive pricing
• Logistics solutions
• Reporting
• Account management
• Prompt payment

Asset management
Our online platform has been developed to provide the customer with total visibility during the salvage process, detailing and documenting every stage of the operation and keeping an audit trail in the form of recorded information, such as stock lists, pricing matrices and other communications during the job.

The salvage equipment recovery service we offer our partners is key to asset recovery, adding value and reducing waste for the environment.

Recovery service:
• Handsets are collected and sorted into batches for processing
• Handsets that are suitable for repair are processed to working, saleable units
• Resalable handsets are booked and logged into the ISM system for valuation
• Devices are connected to an automated data wipe programme and restored to factory settings
• Bamboo uses a certified data sanitisation solution to offer automated data cleansing of devices

Bamboo has a specialist division which is innovative and adaptable to our customers’ requirements. This enables us to provide products configured and ready to supply in any market. 

Our services:
• Handset/product forecasting
• Consignment stock
• Repairs and refurbishment
• Bespoke handset customisation
• Handset profiling and device configuration software loading
• Accessory provision
• Data sanitisation
• Repackaging and product literature
• Compatibility testing
• Product matching
• Quality control
• International logistics 

Our rework operations also allow us to process devices that are usually considered waste, allowing an increased return for clients and partners based on providing a value for units that are currently treated as scrap.
The best form of recycling is re-use, and our processes not only involve maximising salvage units for resale, but also processing parts, accessories and boxes, enabling us to reduce the amount of recycled materials and stress on the environment and landfill locations.

Protection of the environment is central to our business strategy. Accordingly, we have developed an Environmental Management System that is compliant to ISO14001 and EMAS, the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme.

Our system has been incorporated into all company operations to ensure that we:
• Provide a fully auditable and sustainable solution that enables whole life cycle
• Manage electronic equipment through re-use and recycling, helping to combat climate change by reducing our emission of greenhouse gases and eliminating landfill
• Manage and minimise environmental risks identified in our processing operations and support service activities performed at client sites
• Maintain regulatory compliance records
• Measure and report our environmental performance quarterly
• Assess the environmental performance of key suppliers and co-operate with suppliers, customers and business partners to achieve higher environmental standards
• Encourage sustainable development through business example and voluntary endeavours, both nationally and within the local community

Our business model allows us to help charities, NGOs and other organisations generate revenue by recycling products otherwise destined for landfill. In this way, the core of our business leaves a positive impact on society.

• Certifications
• T11 Exemption
• Designated collection facility
• EA exemptions – S2
• Waste Carrier’s Licence
• AATF Licence
• ISO 14001
• ISO 9001

 “NatWest is proud to have supported and partnered with Bamboo Distribution Ltd since 2011. During this time, we have seen the company, under the very professional stewardship of its directors and management team, grow from strength to strength.

We’re pleased to have been able to play a part in making Bamboo’s success possible and we very much look forward to working closely with them as they look to build the next chapter in Bamboo Distribution’s evolution.”Tony Clowes, Director of Commercial Banking, NatWest.

Bamboo Distribution
Unit 5, I.O. Centre, Lea Road, Waltham Abbey, Hertfordshire, EN9 1AS
Tel: +44 (0)845 5828880
Fax: +44 (0)845 582 6888