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Afinium ltd

2016 | International Trade
Afinium ltd
83 Cambridge Street,
Pimlico, London SW1V 4PS
Tel: +44 (0)20 8994 9977 / +00 1 347 688 8912

Afinium offers cloud based multi-channel sales and enrolment platforms to the financial services industry. ‘Stream’ is our rule driven web-publishing, analytics, marketing and enrolment platform, licensed to Fortune 100 insurance companies.

‘Stream’ features self-learning algorithms to personally engage each prospect based upon their demography, profile, behaviour, and responses, guiding them through a product selection and enrolment process in the most compelling manner, in the shortest possible time, ensuring 100% compliance. We like to say, “It’s your best salesperson, delivered to your customer’s screen, 24/7.”

‘Spring’ is our ‘Swiss Army’ tool for a salesperson, incorporating everything required to sell any financial product. As an interactive point of sale application working on any mobile device, it incorporates needs assessment tools, calculators, a diary, camera, video library and contact database. ‘Spring’ is the only tool needed to make a guaranteed compliant sale.