• "These awards are widely considered the highest accolade to be bestowed upon a UK business, celebrating the British companies that have showed outstanding achievement in trade, innovation, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility. However, never before have they been so relevant. This year has seen unprecedented difficulties; it has been a time of turbulent change akin only to that experienced in wartime. Companies, large and small, across the UK have had to innovate, respond to Government’s call for help and rise to challenges never before faced."

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  • "The Queen’s Awards provide an opportunity to celebrate and encourage excellence in the UK business. The 2020 winners have achieved outstanding results in their fields.  Their achievements in these testing times will, I believe, prove an inspiration to others."

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  • "I know these are challenging times for any business. But when I look at what this year’s winners have achieved, when I see the evidence of your dedication and ingenuity, when I hear the accounts of how you have taken aspirations far greater than your resources and – through sheer determination and hard work – turned them into something that helps make this world a better place…"

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  • "The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise continue to be the most prestigious form of recognition a British company can hope to receive. Increasingly relevant and enjoying a higher profile than ever before, any business carrying the Queen’s Awards logo is guaranteed to receive a warm welcome, both at home and abroad."

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  • "Enterprise is something the UK’s business community has in spades. This is certainly true of this year’s winners, and their stories provide amazing examples of the immense contribution directors make to the society around them."

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  • Having watched the Awards established in my name grow in stature and influence, I continue to be impressed by the way that they have given opportunity to big organisations and small, enabling them to project themselves on the world stage using an internationally recognised symbol of excellence.

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  • "Congratulations to all the recipients of this year's Queen's Awards for Enterprise. Your stories of commitment, ambition, success and, yes, enterprise are an inspiration to all of us."

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