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Carbon Offsetting with a difference

Climate and development expert ClimateCare has offset the carbon footprint of this year’s Queen’s Award magazine through the award winning LifeStraw Carbon for Water project, which cuts carbon AND provides safe water to 4.5 million people in Kenya.

This video explains how distributing gravity fed water filters to the entire Western Province of Kenya not only reduces exposure to waterborne diseases but cuts carbon emissions, helping to tackle climate change.

Recent research from the Gold Standard Foundation shows that every tonne of carbon you offset through water projects like this, will deliver an amazing $117 of health impacts to the local community.

ClimateCare specialises in these types of Climate and Development project, that deliver benefits for people and the environment. This year it has been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for outstanding contribution to tackling climate change and alleviating poverty.

To offset your emissions through projects that protect the environment AND improve people’s lives, call the ClimateCare team on +44(0)1865 591000 or visit



2014 Winners at the Queen's Awards Reception

Winners of the prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2014 celebrated their achievements alongside royalty and ministers at an event at Buckingham Palace on 14 July, hosted by the Queen, in recognition of their outstanding business success.
This year the success of 162 businesses has been recognised: 110 companies won Awards for International Trade; 39 for Innovation and 13 for Sustainable Development, benefitting the environment, society and the economy.
Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable said: 
"Companies that are growing, innovating and championing UK business overseas deserve the recognition that these awards bestow. 
"With more than 100 international trade winners this year, it is clear that Britain is emerging as a leader in selling its quality services and products throughout the world. 
Skills and Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock said: 
"The Queen's Awards are a prestigious honour for a company to receive and the extent of this year's winners shows what an enterprising nation we are. 
"The fact that small businesses can share these honours with large household names illustrates that they are the backbone of our economy and deserve to be recognised as such."
In addition to the corporate winners, eight individuals also won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion, nominated by their peers for their efforts to encourage UK entrepreneurship. Their nominations show that, in addition to being full-time entrepreneurs, they have voluntarily passed their skills and experience on to others, involving themselves in education and providing help and support to develop people’s business skills.
The standard of entries to the Awards was exceptionally high, with 20% of entrants winning across a range of sectors and size of business, 18 of the winning companies had 10 employees or fewer, while 135 had fewer than 250 employees. 

In addition to the royal reception, the corporate Award winners are presented with an engraved crystal bowl and Grant of Appointment at their place of business by a royal representative, so that the whole workforce can join in the celebrations..


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In a survey of the
Queen’s Awards

76% reported the win
had brought added commercial value to
their business
79% of winners
reported improved
staff morale
63% of winners
gained extra press

55% reported
the win had delivered
new business
69% of winners
achieved increased
recognition in the UK 
49% of winners
achieved increased
recognition overseas